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Suprise Divorce: Doug Hutchison & Still-Teenage-Wife Courtney Stodden Split!

Suprise Divorce:  Doug Hutchison & Still-Teenage-Wife Courtney Stodden Split! 2

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So 19-year-old-famous-for-marrying-old-man Courtney Stodden has called time on her marriage to old man Doug Hutchison after two and a half years of wedded bliss, and predictably the world has reacted strongly to the terrible news.

We took to the streets of London to find out what the public think. “I don’t… I can’t deal with this,” said an agitated man on the Tube. “I’ve got a breakfast meeting at Pret. Get out of my way.” A passenger alighting from the 39 to Clapham Junction spluttered through a mouthful of cronut: “‘Oo?” A police officer told us to move on. Truly Britain is reeling at the shocking news, and initial reports suggest somewhere in the region of 73% of the population have lost their faith in true love.

For Courtney and Doug’s relationship was definitely all about that love. So much love there, from the moment they connected over the internet when Courtney enquired about Doug giving her acting lessons to the time they were thrown out of that pumpkin patch for being too graphic in front of some traumatised kids. Ah, the heady romance.

Courtney, who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother this year and showed off some remarkably purple boobs while in the house, seemed to be in fine spirits on Thursday night when she threw a Halloween party for some friends.

According to the Mail Online, Courtney took the chance to let her hair down as she boogied in some red underwear and some devil horns.

“She didn’t look heartbroken at all. If she was upset, she hid her feelings well,” said a source.

“At one point she joked that Doug was in one of the bedrooms, but it was actually just a spooky pretend corpse under the bed sheet.”

Yeah, we can see how you’d make that mistake. Courtney has already been romantically linked to her actor friend Chris Winters, with whom she was spotted holding hands over dinner earlier this year.





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