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Survivor: South Pacific Insider: What’s a Ricochet Rabbit—and Does It Have an Off Switch?

Welcome to Ladies Night!

Tonight’s episode of Survivor: South Pacific was fueled by estrogen. Some women showed surprising strength, while others stole the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

So was a lady shown the door—or did a femme fatale finally slay Brandon?
Swimsuit Competition: Goodbye droopy drawers, hello bathing suits! Each tribe received a crate of vibrant swimwear, and no one was more pleased than Dawn. With Papa Bear gone, the modest Mormon mom was feeling even more self-conscious about her age and card-carrying membership in the AARP (American Association of Rudy Persons). Even though her figure-flattering one-piece was no match for Elyse‘s bikini, Dawn’s not looking to hook up with Ozzy—and it proved plenty empowering: Dawn carried her weight in the sandbag challenge and won immunity and reward (chickens) for her Savaii tribe.

Sandbagged: Christine scored another victory for the female sex in the Redemption Island duel, knocking out Papa Bear and giving her the chance to reunite with Stacey.

Hug It Out: Annoying Edna, Brandon and Stacey all seemed vulnerable going into Tribal Council, but Upolu’s alliance didn’t waiver and Stacey was ousted. Brandon, the incumbent mayor of Hantz County Crazytown, had another identity-crisis breakdown while Edna molested him with her buff. What was more uncomfortable: Li’l Hantz’s tearful rant about resisting temptation (see: Mikayla) or Edna’s caresses? Coachtried getting touchy-feely too, but Stacey ably extricated herself from his hug attack. (On a personal note, Coach insisted I share a five-second hug with him after our interview in Samoa. Five seconds is a long time.)

“I Gotta Lie to Kick It”: Considering her notable quotables tonight, it’s a shame Stacey didn’t receive more airtime. In case you missed ’em, here is Edna according to Stacey:

• “Edna’s like Ricochet Rabbit—the girl go on and on and on and on. Does she have an off switch? I don’t think she have an off switch. She need to be disconnected, that what she need to be. Dis-co-nnected.”
• “Edna is like on an Easter egg hunt. She is scrambling like scrambling eggs in a hot skillet.”
• “Bones on bones can’t lift too much if it’s just all skeleton with the bones.”

Who’s next on the chopping block? Annoying Edna? Ozzy’s new girlfriend Elyse? Mikayla’s boyfriend Brandon? Cast your vote in the comments.




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