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In Sweats, Bill Cosby Manages Rousing Speech At Fallen Classmate’s Memorial

In Sweats, Bill Cosby Manages Rousing Speech At Fallen Classmate's Memorial

It wasn’t hard to spot Bill Cosby at Lewis Katz‘s memorial today.

The famous comedian was one of nearly 1,400 mourners who gathered at the Temple Performing Arts Center for an emotional memorial service honoring the philanthropist and Philadelphia Inquirer co-owner, and in the sea of black clothing, Cosby stood out wearing his bright burgundy Temple sweats.

His informal attire was to pay respects to his close friend and fellow Temple alum, who died after his private jet crashed during takeoff in Bedford, Mass. late Saturday night.

Along with former President Bill Clinton and Katz’s children, Cosby took the stage to share some words about his dear pal.

The actor, who also wore a T-shirt that said, “Self Made, Philly Made, Temple Made” and almost fell off the stage because he couldn’t find the stairs, paced around and recounted how Katz grew up poor in Camden, N.J., and how much he had given back to the city, including two Boys and Girls Clubs.

And Cosby wanted to make sure they took care of what Katz gave, and continued the legacy. “You better not let it drop. You better not let it fall,” Cosby said.

“Lewis Katz lives in what you do to the gifts that were given to you,” he said. “You will treat these gifts as gifts—not something to be thrown in the trash.”

“You don’t wait for people to come along and do it,” added Cosby, “You do it…You don’t have to have big money. All you have to have is yourself.”



by Bruna Nessif



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