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SXSW surprise ‘Attack The Block’ coming to LA for one night and we’ve got your tickets

Have I mentioned yet that I love “Attack The Block”?

It’s hard sometimes when you see a movie at a film festival that you fell head over heels in love with, particularly when that movie does not have a US distributor lined up.  If you’re in the UK, you’ll see “Attack The Block” on May 13, 2011.  But if you’re here in the States, there’s nothing.  No release date.  No one set to release the film.  And so far, the conversations we’re hearing in the press include such lunacy as subtitling the English-language movie for a US release or, even scarier, a remake.  Which is hopefully not a conversation anyone actually involved in releasing the film ever really has.  Nobody’s finding a better cast of real kids than this one, and nobody’s going to do what Joe Cornish did as a director.
Let me be clear: if you remake “Attack The Block” for the US market, I hope you get an entire colony of fire ants in your urethra.  And I hope they’re very, very angry.

If you live in Los Angeles, I have a lovely surprise for you.  This coming Thursday night, we’re going to be participating in a special screening of the film, and I’m authorized to offer 15 pairs of tickets to you, the viewing public.  You want to see it now?  You want to avoid a huge wait?  You want to see what it looks like before somebody tries to make it “better” for an American audience?  Here’s your chance.

I’m going to pull the 15 winning names from anyone who submits an e-mail with the subject line “Attack My Block, Please!” to me at this address.  If you don’t have that exact subject line, you’ll be disqualified.  You have from right now until 10:00 AM on Wednesday morning to enter, and we’ll post that list at 6:00 PM on Wednesday night so you can have time to plan.

If you’re still reading this and you don’t know what “Attack The Block” is, it was the SXSW Audience Award winner for Best Midnight Film, and you can read my review of it right here.

This may be your only chance to see the film in Los Angeles in the immediate future, so if you can make a 7:30 PM movie on Thursday night, please send in an entry.  Right now, there’s no stand-by line, but depending on how many responses we get, there might be one, and if that happens, I’ll publish the location of the screening for you then.  And if you think you might come by yourself, tell me, and I’ll try to award single tickets as well.  I’ve got 30 total, and I only said pairs because I assume most of you will show up with a guest.

Trust me on this… you want to be at this screening.  You want to see this movie.  Joe Cornish is an amazing talent, and this is your chance to get onboard now before everyone else.  There will come a time a few years down the road where this is acknowledged as a genre classic, and you can say you were there first.

I’m going to absolutely show up to see it for a second time, and I hope to see you guys there.

By Drew McWeeny – 30 of you will have a chance to see one of the year’s coolest films early

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