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Taylor Lautner Tackles the NFL Lockout in Parody Video

NFL fans have reason to join Team Jacob.

Taylor Lautner, who plays the plucky werewolf in the Twilight saga, might just have unlocked the secret to ending the NFL lockout, which has been going on for four months. 
In a Funny or Die parody of the 1989 baseball film Field of Dreams, Lautner, 19, sports his best flannel shirt – and heads to Iowa.

“If you build it they will come,” the all-knowing “voices” tell Lautner, who then transforms his humble corn field into a football field.

Teaming up with the actor, who’s reimaging Kevin Costner’s role, in Field of Dreams 2: Lockout: locked-out NFL players, from Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, to Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez and Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney.

The football pros play ball – and hit on Lautner’s wife (played by Marielle Jaff), lose his dog and order Natalie Portman movies on pay-per-view.

When the lockout is over in the parody, Lautner reenacts the famous, tear-jerking end, where Costner, who makes a cameo, plays catch with the ghost of his late father.

“Guys, guys where are you going?” he tells the ghost teams before they leave. “What am I supposed to do with this field?”



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