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Ted 2: Everyone’s Favorite Talking Teddy Bear Is Ready To Be A Father

Ted 2: Everyone's Favorite Talking Teddy Bear Is Ready To Be  A Father 2

ted-2-primo-teaser-poster-in-attesa-del-trailer-2“Ted 2” unveiled its first poster and trailer with Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg,

The poster featured Ted’s back with the “not so subtle” tagline “Ted is coming, again.” The clip showcased the rude and funny Ted who has married his girlfriend Tami-Lynn played by Jessica Barth.

The couple wanted to have a child in the natural way so they asked the help of Ted’s best friend John Bennett portrayed by Wahlberg to provide a specimen for them.

Their plans crumbled as John and Ted encountered a disaster in the sperm bank. The incident lead to the newlyweds’ decision to adopt but Ted has to prove that he is human and qualified to adopt, according to court documents.

Ted sought the help of a lawyer cleverly named as Samantha L. Jackson portrayed by Amanda Seyfried. The talking teddy bear is in his journey to fight for his right to have a child. Morgan Freeman also appeared in the clip advising Ted that the importance of being human is being able to give something to humanity.

John and Ted are seen the clip in some actions scenes including chasing cars and scuba diving. The clip ends with the hashtag #LegalizeTed same title as its website.

The first “Ted” film earned $549 million in worldwide box office. Although there was no actual plan to make a sequel, the success of the original movie contributed a lot to the creation of “Ted 2.”

The sequel is still directed and co-written by MacFarlane and Ted is voiced by the comedian as well. Mila Kunis who played as Wahlberg’s love interest in the first film will not make a comeback. Fans can find out what happened to their relationship in “Ted 2.”

Reports say that sequels for comedy films do not usually hit it as big as its predecessors with the exception of “22 Jump Street.” On the other hand, MacFarlane has proven to have his own trademark style of comedy no matter the material. Film critics say this could be a hit or miss for the actor.

“Ted 2” is set to be released on June 26 in the U.S.

By Max Bonto

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