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Tell Us What to Wear After a Breakup

Tell Us What to Wear After a Breakup 3


Now that we all know what not to wear after a breakup (yoga clothes for a week, too tight tube tops, bangs) I wanted to explore what to wear in the days after a split. See, the next time I have a big breakup I want to be classy about it. I don’t want to send nasty drunken text messages and be the girl who flashes everyone in a bar.

I want to craft a style that will allow me to look like a lady who is handling my breakup with grace and dignity. On the inside I may be a basket case, but on the outside I want to exude a beautiful calm.

I am not good at exuding a beautiful calm even during the best of times, so I asked my friend, the stylist and fashion guru and host of the show What Not to Wear, Stacy London, how to dress for success in the days after getting dumped.

L-R: Bottega Veneta, Lover, Isabel Marant

1.     Dress a little bit slutty.

I was really behind this idea, but Stacy wants to qualify this notion by equating ‘a little bit slutty’ to ‘something that you genuinely find empowering and sexy.’

“There is a power in owning our beauty and sexiness in and out of a relationship,” London says. “To deny your sexuality is just as bad as objectifying yourself. Put yourself out there in a way that makes you feel good again.”

L-R: YSL Rouge Volupté, NARS, Dolce & Gabbana, NARS, NARS

2.     Buy bright lipstick.

“Lipstick is less permanent and heavy on the consequences,” London says. “A new lipstick color is essential, usually in the pink or red family and a shade or two brighter than your usual balm.” It is the perfect way to change the way you look. A bright lipstick you can take off. Bangs have to grow back. [Ed note: Also, not making out with anyone means wearing bright lipstick is never an issue.]

L-R: Valentino, Bruno Magli, Nicholas Kirkwood

3.     Wear heels–everywhere.

“I believe in the power of high heels on a daily basis,” Stacy says. “They make you stand differently. They make you carry yourself differently. Your shoulders go back, your boobs go out and they just allow your stance to be strong.”

L-R: Christian Louboutin, Sophia Webster, Agent Provocateur

4.     Repurpose your dating closet.

Stacy suggests doing a closet audit rather than buying a whole new wardrobe. “Get some new input without spending all your cash. Sometimes a new way to see yourself is exactly the perspective you need to see your future,” London, who co-founded the website Style-For-Hire, says, “Hire someone or have a friend come over and go through your closet. We fall into ruts and most of our clothes are underutilized. Doing an audit will help you be you in a different way post-breakup.”

L-R: Proenza Schouler, Anita Ko, Christian Louboutin

5.     Set a goal.

I have had friends who splurge right after a breakup on one fabulous item–or often times, on a lot of fabulous items. London doesn’t want anyone going out and blowing a ton of cash on something that may make them feel better for about five minutes and then serve to remind them of heartache and douchiness. The better plan is to pick something you really want and set a breakup goal.

“Pick something you know you want, but may be a bit outside of your comfort zone. By setting goals you aren’t just splurging you are saying to yourself, ‘this breakup earned me this. I deserve it,’” London says. “After a breakup you want to be as kind to yourself as possible.”

SO what are some worthy goals? Promise yourself you won’t text your ex or look at his Facebook page. If you accomplish that for two weeks then get yourself those Louboutins.

L-R: Rick Owens, Alice + Olivia, 3.1 Phillip Lim

6.     Wear leather.

“You want to wear clothes that evoke confidence,” London says. “I love leather for that. London suggests a sexy leather jacket or leather boots, but in the warmer months she even recommends some leather accents on breezier clothing. “It makes me feel like a badass,” she says.

Oh and buy my book Love Rehab! It’s good for breakups too.







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