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‘The Beatles Live!’ Movie: Production Company Solicits Fans For Beatles Concert Footage

'The Beatles Live!' Movie: Production Company Solicits Fans For Beatles Concert Footage

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Fans can start the countdown … now. As reported by TheWrap, the production company, OVOW, has been given permission from The Beatles’ Apple Corps to start work on a movie called “The Beatles Live!”

“The Beatles Live! Project is a collaborative global quest to find and reveal hidden films, sound recordings, stories, photographs, and other media artifacts that were captured during The Beatles’ concert tours,” OVOW says on the website for the film. “The best media and stories that we find will be showcased in a planned feature film about The Beatles’ concert tours. This project provides a one-time opportunity for the fans to collaborate with The Beatles in a planned feature film.”

The project allows fans to upload digital content directly to the movie’s website, as well as offering additional options for fans to submit non-digital media and write-up stories of their Beatles experiences.

“The ultimate goal: to combine footage, images, music, interviews, and stories in a definitive, emotional and visceral feature film about Beatlemania,” OVOW explained in a press release. “This cultural phenomenon not only brought the world together through song, but helped usher in what is now recognized as a golden age of contemporary music.”

While Beatlemania began decades ago, it is still very much alive today. On Tuesday, Sotheby’s auctioned off original artwork from the band’s “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album for approximately $87,720.

For more, head over to The Wrap.



by Madeline Boardman

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