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The Dark Knight Rises Villain Revealed! Kinda, Sorta. But Still Pretty Awesome

It’s a good week to be a Batman fan.

Just one day after filming began on The Dark Knight Rises, alongs comes a new viral campaign in support of the flick that has already given way to our very first look at Tom Hardy as the villainous Bane!

And, apparenty, we have some tech-savvy fans to thank for getting the image to us sooner than later. It seems they managed to figure out that the spectrum of an audio file at the Dark Knight Rises website says #thefirerises, a hashtag that opens up a Twitter account, which when tweeted out slowly creates the above picture. Thankfully, they found a way to speed up the process and provide us with the big reveal now.

Ahh. July 20, 2012, can’t come soon enough!






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