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‘The Grey’ Trailer: Liam Neeson vs. Wolves

You know how, in “The Twilight Saga,” wolves are really just super emotional humans who transform into hairy beasts when they’re feeling broken hearted or tired of not wearing a shirt? It’s a fantastic notion, even by Hollywood standards, so it’s nice to see the predators get back to their real purpose: trying to rip Liam Neeson’s face off.

Thus is the plot of the upcoming action drama, “The Grey,” which stars Neeson as the leader of a bunch of Alaskan pipeline workers that quickly go from lucky to have survived a plane crash to terribly unlucky to have become stranded in that state’s vast winter abyss. Neeson and his crew must traverse the tundra, with its piercing winds and unending snow assaults, to find higher ground, and the already difficult pursuit is made that much more treacherous by the unrelentingly rude wolves who have a strong desire to eat their visitors.

The film, which is directed by Joe Carnahan and co-stars Frank Grillo and Dermot Mulroney, amongst others, hits theaters in late January. If they can last that long, of course.



Source: Huffington Post



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