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The Hunger Games Movie: “Very True to the Book”

Attention, fans of The Hunger Games fans—you have nothing to worry about!

You should be very happy with the upcoming movie adaptation of the bestseller

So says Jacqueline Emerson, who plays District 5 tribute Foxface in the much-anticipated flick.

“It is very true to the book,” Emerson recently told me. “I was actually a huge fan of the books beforehand. I had to read it over the summer for school…We even did a day of Hunger Games at my school just a week before I got cast and my district won the games that we played!”

As for the action-packed flick, Emerson said she’s not aware of any serious injuries. “I didn’t get hurt. Nobody got hurt,” she said. “You’d think someone would have, but it was so safe.”

Ya hear that, Snow White?




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