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‘The Muppets’ Song and Opening Scene: ‘Life’s A Happy Song’

Is there bad weather out your window? Did you just suffer a breakup? Have a case of the sniffles? Here’s an instant cure: The Muppets.

Disney has unveiled the opening scene and first musical number from their upcoming reboot extravaganza. The clip features Jason Segal, Amy Adams and new Muppet Gary parading through the streets of Smalltown, USA, brimming with joy amidst townsfolk happy to join in on the very aptly titled, “Life’s A Happy Song.” This comes before they head off to Hollywood, where they meet their Muppet heroes and bring the gang back together, so everything is optimism and roses.

The clip represents one of the first full scenes that we’ve been given by Disney; to date, there have been plenty of trailers — some real, and many others spoofs — but now we’re starting to get a true glance at the magical world Segal and company have put together.

By the way, Disney distributed an exclusive Q&A with Kermit, in which he revealed some very interesting behind-the-scenes casting details.

“I understand they considered other actors–George Clooney, Tom Hanks,” Kermit said. “But in the end, when it comes to playing short, green and amphibious, I’m still Hollywood’s go-to guy. According to director James Bobin, when I read for the role of ‘me,’ I nailed it.”




Source: Huffington Post

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