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The Rolling Stones frontman’s Mick Jagger Turns 70 & Recieves 1st Emmy Nomination

The Rolling Stones frontman's Mick Jagger Turns 70 & Recieves 1st Emmy Nomination 1


Mick Jagger is not only celebrating his 70th birthday this week, he’s also celebrating his first-ever Emmy nomination. The Rolling Stones frontman’s HBO documentary “Crossfire Hurricane” nabbed four Emmy nods, including an Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special nomination for his role as producer.

The rock legend tweeted his excitement over recognition for the film about the Stones’s rise to fame:

Capture mick tweet

But while Mick Jagger is no stranger to TV land — he’s even done the obligatory David Letterman Top 10 list — some of his older work needs to be recognized. As Mick celebrates the success of “Crossfire Hurricane” and his 70th, here’s a look at some of his greatest TV moments.

Mike Jagger? Yes, back in his schoolboy days, the rocker went by his more formal name, Michael, and it appears he was a rock star even back then — but in a different way. In 1959, when he was a teen in London, Jagger turned up on the British TV show “Seeing Sport” to show off his rock-climbing shoes. (He’s actually sporting ordinary gym shoes and a sneer that’s way beyond his years.)

Check out a 15-year old Mick Jagger:

The Rolling Stones made small-screen appearances on everything from “The Ed Sullivan Show” to “Saturday Night Live,” but one of their earliest — and most memorable — TV gigs was a 1964 appearance on “The Hollywood Palace.” Host Dean Martin clearly didn’t care for the “five singin’ boys from England,” whom he joked were about to “challenge the Beatles to a hair-pulling contest.” Martin even capped things off with a patronizing eye roll and sarcastic “Aren’t they great?” at the end of the performance. That’s definitely not amore!

See The Rolling Stones on “The Hollywood Palace”:

How did you spend your summer vacation? In a 2002 episode of “The Simpsons,” an animated Mick Jagger spent it at rock ‘n’ roll fantasy camp, where he and fellow rockers Keith Richards, Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, and Brian Setzer promised campers they’d experience “the complete rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle without the lawsuits and STDs.” When camp ended and Homer Simpson became predictably bummed, Mick reminded him, “It’s only rock ‘n’ roll camp.” Homer’s response: “But I like it.” (Yeah we know, Homer. You like it, like it, yes you do…)

Check out Mick Jagger’s “Simpsons” alter ego:

And while he’s no Captain Kangaroo, Mick does have a kiddie TV past. In 1983, he starred in an episode of Shelley Duvall’s star-studded children’s television anthology series “Faerie Tale Theatre.” The episode, titled “The Nightingale,” was based on a Hans Christian Andersen tale and featured Mick as The Emperor of Cathay. Mick Jagger as an Asian aristocrat who befriends a magical bird and a scullery maid? It’s hard to believe he didn’t get an Emmy nomination 30 years ago.






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