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The Second Single On Lagartijeando’s Forthcoming Album, Chakana Cosmica, Is Here To Remind You To Breathe

Ft. Collaborations with Chancha Via Circuito, Javier Arce, and More

The second single, Chakana Cósmica, Is Out Today. The song is “influenced by the rhythmic order of the stars in the Southern sky. Blending African and Andean rhythms, the song focuses on dance and introspection” says Mati

Out on Wonderwheel Recordings 6/7

Chakana Cosmica is the second single to be released off of Lagartijeando’s forthcoming album Jallalla, which hits the airwaves next week on June 7. The track is a delicious deep house creation, laden with just the right amount of charango and winds to keep you rooted. Inspired by the order of the stars, mixing African and Andean rhythms, the track is exemplary of how varied this album is. While some tracks breech mystic-pop territory, others are minimal and electronic. Jallalla is an insanely ambitious undertaking from the Argentinean producer, putting him on the map alongside his acclaimed digital-cumbia colleagues. It’s a glowing effort, and one that will surely provide a much-needed release for all who listen.

In 2017, Lagartijeando (Mati Zundel), released his second full length album ‘El Gran Poder,’ via Wonderwheel and subsequently hypnotized the masses with the way he laced the traditional Charango playing that he picked up traveling the Andes with the pulsing, digital-cumbia electronica that’d been popularized in the region by the likes of Chancha Via Circuito, Nicola Cruz, and beyond. El Gran Poder plucked Zundel from his small town of Dolores in Argentina and catapulted his sound onto a global stage. He was revered by the likes of The Fader and Bandcamp, who referred to him as an electro-folk alchemist– and that he is.

On June 7, Lagartijeando casts a new spell with Jallalla, an ambitious new full length being released on Wonderwheel Recordings. Jallalla is a word used in Bolivia to celebrate something- and it’s a word that strengthens in meaning when more people say it together. Written after Zundel returned to Bolivia for the sixth time in 2018, Jallalla is an entire life in an album- beginning with what would be the sonic representation of pulling back reeds to discover a new path with the song Villazon-Potosi and its sparse electronic percussion gradually filled in with curiosity-giving winds. As the album progresses, it becomes more experimental with electronic elements, sneaking in bits of deep house and dub. The fourth track is called Caña, and is a collaboration with none other than Chancha Via Circuito. It’s minimal and haunting, playing with repetitive bass, chimes, and what sounds like owl sounds. Zundel’s beloved charango sneaks back in via the next track, Adios Potosi, continuing the trek with a sweet melodic mid-album break. On the track A Todo Pai, one that celebrates Latin American identity (a todo pai, un solo maiz, repeats the song), Zundel collaborates with Javier Arce– prominent Costa Rican producer and lead singer of the indie-funk band Cocofunka, whose peculiar and infectious voice adds new layers onto the album. The last few songs are a mix of meditative electronic tracks and life-giving dance-floor ready numbers with distinct traces of South American mysticism. Mati clung to a book in the writing of this album- The Eden Code by R. Patricio Gonzales (c.1966), in which it states, “Guided by the thread, I discovered that the mythical stories linked to the origin, each independently of the place or culture to which it belonged, pointed to a huge island that turned out to be none other than South America.” Jallalla is all of those stories- a celebration of lives and adventures that all somehow lead back to the magical, mystical, yet very real origin that is South America.

Jallalla is out on June 7 via Wonderwheel Recordings.



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