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‘The Simpsons’ Facing Cancellation Over Salary Dispute

They’ve weathered four presidents, countless timeslot changes, and a ton of protests from angry viewers, but could a salary dispute be what ultimately does The Simpsons in? Apparently the 20-year-old FOX cartoon is on the brink of cancellation because of the voice actors’ paychecks.

As of right now, each member of the Simpsons’ cast makes about $8 million a year (not too shabby if you ask us). But because of budget cuts at the network, FOX is requesting that the actors lower their annual fee to $4 mil. And that isn’t sitting too pretty with the squawkers behind Springfield’s famous family.

The actors are refusing to budge and claim that FOX may be pulling some shady tactics to keep the costs down. They have reportedly asked to share in the franchise’s back-end profits as compensation, but the network’s saying no.

So as of right now, things may be at a standstill. The current season will continue to go on as planned, but if things don’t get worked out soon, viewers may have to kiss Homer and company goodbye!



By Michael Lopez



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