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The Voice Contestants Make Us Cry as Half Are Sent Home

After a short delay from none other than President Barack ObamaThe Voice results show was under way!

Last night, two members from each team competed in the semifinals. Coaches Christina AguileraAdam LevineCee Lo Green and Blake Shelton all scored their own team’s singers and handed it to show host Carson Daly at the end of the episode.

Tonight, those scores along with America’s votes determined who goes on to compete in the finals.

So who got the boot?

The show opened with all eight semifinalists singing a rendition of “Faith” by George Michael and we must say, it was quite enjoyable! Each singer brought their special quality to the performance and the crowd fed off it.

The high only lasted so long though, because up next, came the chopping block.

But before we get into that, let’s explain how the scoring went down.

Each coach submitted a score by divvying up 100 points between their two members. Then America’s votes get added in, with equal weight, and we find out who beats who.

It was Nakia vs. Vicci Martinez for Cee Lo’s team.

Nakia gets us emotional as he thanks his boyfriend for all the sacrifices he made so that he could live his dream of singing. And then Vicci gets choked up talking about her dad and thanking her mom for attending the show.

We hate crying, we really do.

When commenting on how difficult this was for him, Cee Lo surprised us with a poem he wrote in dedication to his teammates AKA “The Red Zone.”

It was a close call! Cee Lo gave Nakia 51 points and Vicci 49. But after adding America’s scores, it’s Vicci that will be proceeding to the finals.

After Cee Lo performed his latest song, “Bright Lights, Bigger City,” we find out who from Adam’s team, Casey Weston or Javier Colone, comes out on top.

Unlike the previous team, there was a vast difference in scores here.

Adam gave Casey a 35 and Javier a 65, admitting he did so because Casey is young enough to still have a career in the future, while he felt the need to help Javier push through. Well, he got what he wanted. After adding America’s scores, Javier triumphed over Casey.

Before finding out who stays on Blake’s team, we see that he put his “Papa Bear” hat on, and took team members Dia Frampton and Xenia to Cincinnati with him.

What’s in Cin City, you ask? Oh you know, just joining Shelton on stage at one of his concerts! How awesome is that?!

But Papa had to play favorites when he scored his ladies. So who was it?

Blake’s too smart for that! He gave each girl a score of 50. Wise man.

But it’s not just up to him as to who stays, and when America’s two cents were added in, it was Xenia who was sent packin’.

It’s OK, Xenia. Considering you’re only 16, we’re sure we’ll see you again.

Lastly, it was team Xtina—the battle of the bald and the beautiful—Frenchie Davis and Beverly McClellan.

It seemed like someone else was afraid to play favies. The celeb coach also played Shelton’s game and gave each of her team members a score of 50, but after America’s votes weighed in, Bev was the one to advance.

There you have it! Vicci Martinez, Javier Colone, Dia Frampton and Beverly McClellan are the four finalists.

Who do you think has the voice?


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