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‘The Walking Dead’ Introduces Michonne In Season 2 Finale

AMC’s The Walking Dead is about to get even more badass next season. The show introduced the sword-wielding Michonne, a character off their original comic book series, in their Season 2 finale last night. Andrea, played by Laurie Holden, was saved by a mysterious figure at the last minute.

Michonne appeared at the very end of the episode, dragging two chained zombies behind her, as the mysterious cloaked woman who saved Andrea’s life within seconds of her becoming zombie food. The show has not revealed who this mysterious woman is yet. However, those who are familiar with the comic book series know exactly who she is.

Next season, Michonne will appear as a regular character, and will be played by Treme actress Danai Gurira.

Michone’s character is similar to Andrea’s in the sense that they were both attorneys who have adapted to post-apocalyptic life.

The Walking Dead‘s executive producer Robert Kirkman explained,

“These characters have struggled so hard to find a life worth living in this new world. Michonne has found that life.”

Next season promises to bring lots of changes, as the finale revealed. The cast will be moving to a prison fortress, revealed in the final minutes of the episode, instead of living on Hershel’s family  farm, which they had to abandon when it became overrun by the walkers.

Michonne and Andrea will eventually catch up with the rest of the gang, although it is not exactly clear when. I am sure these two badass babes will make one hell of a team.



By Ikam Acosta

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