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This city paid Ted Nugent $16k to NOT show for concert performance

This city paid Ted Nugent $16k to NOT show for concert performance 3

An East Texas city reportedly paid $16,000 to Ted Nugent to stay off the stage at their 2014 Fourth of  July Festival, part of the ongoing fallout for Nugent’s controversial remarks about President Obama in February.

Among other remarks, Nugent called the president a “subhuman mongrel” — something that was criticized by several prominent Texas Republicans, including Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Nugent’s remarks also alienated organizers of the City of Longview’s summer event, one of whom said Nugent was “not the right feel for this kind of community event.” But because they were already in talks with Nugent, there was a $16,000 price tag attached to canceling the performance. (KLTV)

At least that’s what the city event organizers say. Nugent’s people, on the other hand, told KLTV that the event was never on Nugent’s schedule and the singer didn’t know anything about the controversy.

Meanwhile, Longview organizers are still looking for a headliner for their July Fourth event.








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