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This Month Of AUGUST PANTAYA Invites You To Laugh In Laughter

This August, PANTAYA invites you to laugh in laughter with the premiere of “The Wedding of Valentina”, “All women are equal” and “How to kill a dead husband.”

If you want to enjoy these fun movies already, this August you will be able to do it exclusively in the United States and Puerto Rico with the Spanish streaming service PANTAYA. This app allows you to enjoy movies that you could not see otherwise or so quickly, anywhere on your tablet, phone or computer.

Valentina’s WeddingValentina apparently has the perfect life in America. His universe trembles when Jason, his boyfriend, proposes marriage and must face his family “the perfect Tate” with his “Los Hidalgo”, the most chaotic and surreal political dynasty in the history of Mexico. Both will have to survive the cultural clash and his charismatic ex-boyfriend Angel (Omar Chaparro) discovering on the way that in the end, the things that really matter have no surname, no borders. The talented cast includes Omar Chaparro, Ryan Carnes, Marimar Vega.

All women are equalFour women perform a weekend getaway to have a break in their relationships with men. They don’t know that some of their husbands and a private investigator are following them. The cast includes Iris Peynado, Lia Briones, Frank Perozo, Nasha Bogaert and Christian Meier.

How to kill a dead husbandIn this amusing comedy, Carolina in search of remake her life and find happiness again, will have to face all the avatars of the everyday to liquidate her ex-husband: Rich, powerful and fortunately deceased. The fun cast includes Mara Escalante, Mario Escalante, Eduardo España, Cesar Evora, Francisco Gattorno.



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