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Timberlake Pal: “Justin’s Bodyguard Did Not Touch That Photographer!”

Justin Timberlake‘s camp wouldn’t comment on yesterday’s story about one of his bodyguards being arrested in the U.K. for reportedly assaulting a photographer, which is interesting in itself. I mean, take a look at the pics—they’re pretty damning!

However, if you’re a friend of the Friend With Benefits star, apparently it’s not such incriminating stuff. Take a listen:

“[Justin’s bodyguard] did not touch that photographer,” a close pal to Justin tells us. “He was a lying piece of s–t photographer who fell down.”

Wow. So, why did the police arrest Justin’s bodyguard, then?

“Because that’s how it is [in the U.K.], to be arrested is to be questioned. And after questioning him, the police determined that the bodyguard did not touch the photographer and he was released with no charges.”

Scotland Yard confirms this.

But when we asked if Scotland Yard was also confirming that the bodyguard “did not touch” the photographer, they refused to comment other than to say the man was released after questioning, with no charges.

So, let’s back up: This isn’t the first time Justin’s security detail has been accused of being overly aggressive. At the Standard last month, they reportedly got pushy, but a rep for J.T. says this “did not happen.”

But we’ve been watching J.T. for a while now, and the guy almost always has major security around him.

Which was precisely the case yesterday when Justin was having dinner at Nobu with Mila Kunis in London.

Did the possibility that Mila was having a romantic supper so excite the paps they started imploding with snapshot delirium and uncontrollably fell to pieces right in front of Justin’s security guards outside the restaurant?

Well, we’re also assured by J.T.’s pals that his dinner with Mila was “not romantic,” and that it was with “25 people.”

Let’s just assume when Justin does choose to get his sexy back with a girlfriend again, he’s certainly not going to let something as silly as a crowd stop him.


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