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Spread The World! Tom Cruise Finalized For “Top Gun 2”

Spread The World! Tom Cruise Finalized For “Top Gun 2”

Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that not only is Top Gun 2 a go, but Tom Cruise is in. 

According to the NY Daily News, Maverick is back. Sure, it’s been 30 years since the original came out, but Tom still looks 20, so this is one of the more believable reprisals we might ever see after such a long period of time.

My question is, how will they approach the script? I mean, Maverick will now have to be the seasoned veteran like Viper (Tom Skerrit) was years ago. They still have no confirmation on whether or not Val Kilmer will return as Iceman, but that needs to happen as well. Val may have to drop 50 lbs., but the paycheck will be worth it.

Then, if Maverick and Iceman are salty veterans, you need to bring in the young guns. Who should be in there? Channing Tatum has to be up for consideration, and maybe even Tom Hardy. This is all too exciting. We could probably do without a shirtless volleyball game set to corny music, but if it’s there, that is a price I am willing to pay to see this movie on the big screen.

I’m not usually behind resurrecting these old projects, but if you get the script right, then this baby is a slam dunk.


By Lou Milano

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