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Tom Hanks Rewards Special Fan Who Reached Out To The Actor With

Tom Hanks Rewards Special Fan Who Reached Out To The Actor With 1

A photographer knew she would run into Tom Hanks on assignment and decided to create a special gift of appreciation for the Oscar-winning actor. What she got in return was a priceless treasure she never expected.

Denise Esposito told SFGate that she was going to be in Rome the same time as Hanks and decided to fill a sketchbook with original art she had created in his image from his movies.

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The art got to Hanks, who asked to meet Esposito to say thanks for such an original gift.

But it wasn’t just a hug and “Thank you” Hanks had planned for Esposito. He sent her a typewriter with a special note that read, “For your lovely book of sketches of — all — those movies, here is a typewriter to do with whatever you need… Make more art! And many thanks…”

Hanks even signed the typewriter. Esposito wrote on Twitter, “How amazing life is when your fav actor sends you a #typewriter and a thank you letter? I’m speechless..”

She also told SFGate, “Thanks to his movies and everything else related to him, I’ve learned a lot, I discovered new stories, new music, and many other interesting things, and this makes him more than just a very good actor. He’s real a source of inspiration, he’s a wonderful human being. He’s Tom Hanks. He’s like the sun shining!”




By Michael Rothman



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