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Top 10 Gadgets for the 2014 Student

Top 10 Gadgets for the 2014 Student 11

Now that your kids school has started, you are noticing that thing have changed since you were in school.  While pencils, binders and notebooks are still the basic items for any student, the students of today need their hi-tech gadgets.

I have taken the time to list the research the top 10 gadgets your student may ned. These devices help them take notes, study for exams, write papers and much more.

Below are the top 10 gadgets for the 2014 school year to help you hit the books in style. The gadgets below are practical, affordable and fun.


1. LaCie RuggedKey 3 – $59.83,

ruggedkey_open number one

The bottom of the bag of a student is a dangerous place. Ensure your data is safe with this rugged 150MB USB stick which resists heat, knocks and water.

2. Aviiq Ready Clip – $17.00,


With iPods and iPhones now doubling as notepads, it is important to be able to charge and sync on the go, and you can do these with this bendy USB lead.

3. Griffin iPad binder insert – $34.20,

XX03911_ipad binder3

This innovative small insert slots perfectly into a ring binder, safely holding your iPad intact next to those lecture notes.

4. Iris Scan Book 2 – $220.59,


There is no need to tear pages from reference library books any more. This gadget, the size of a baton, works like a mini-scanner.

5. Samsung W300 HD – $203.49,

This pocket-sized, high definition camcorder from Samsung will help older students create multimedia projects and record sporting triumphs.

6. LiveScribe Echo 2GB – $135.09,

LiveScribe Echo

Do you have trouble taking accurate notes? The LiveScribe Echo 2GB has a miniature computer with a mic and audio recorder that syncs with audio recording.

7. Amazon Kindle – $152.19 ($254.79 with 3G),

Given that the cost of an average textbook is about $175, access to an electronic library is good value for your money.

8. Clocky alarm – $50.43,

These alarm clocks are perfect for waking up the kids. It races on wheels and does not shut up till it is captured.


9. HP Deskjet 1000 – $59.83, (used from $30),
HP Deskjet 1000

This printer will help you print good quality documents from the comfort of your room. It also fires up in seconds.

10. Huawei Mifi – $185.36,


This device gives you internet access on the go and has high download speeds of as much as 3.6 Mbps.


Written by: Gesso



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