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Top Chef Masters: Gazing Into Padma Lakshmi’s Eyes

Just when you think Top Chef Masters couldn’t get more bizarre, along comes last night’s elimination challenge.

Each cheftestant was paired with a real-life scientist to prepare foods that demonstrated various scientific principles. And to make it even more boring complicated, the chefs had too cook with beakers, test tubes and Bunsen burners.

No, Bill Nye the Science Guy was not a guest judge.

Keep reading to find out what the eliminated chef just told me about being sent home. Hint: No big tears were shed…

Hugh Acheson was sent packing. It was the second time for him because, remember, he was the first to be booted this season only to return after another chef had to drop out because of personal matters.

OK, last’s night’s elimination challenge was so weird. I don’t want to watch you do science projects.
It was definitely weird. And I think I was a little bit grumpy that day. I don’t know if I really enjoyed it. My science partner was a very nice guy, but he’s much more comfortable speaking to his ilk, which would be people with science degrees and I do not have a science degree. I’m much more comfortable talking to 6- and 8-year-olds.

Did it even bother you to be sent home because you weren’t really cooking your best stuff? You were using test tubes and beakers!
We have fun doing it and that is the end result. We got to hang out with great people. But in the end, it doesn’t matter.

Padma Lakshmi was a nice surprise last night as a guest judge. Had you met her before?
We met at the James Beard Awards years go, but this I think was the first time we gazed into each other’s eyes. OK, maybe that was just my interpretation. I think she feels I was staring at her. [Laughs.]

You did win the microwave quick-fire, but hate using a microwave, don’t you?
It’s not that I hate cooking with microwaves, but I just never really do. We have one at home, but not in any of the restaurants. The one at home is like for asparagus and green beans for the kids. I think even heating up coffee is kind of gross.

I agree. That’s pretty disgusting.
It’s just wrong and it should be enforced that you can’t heat up coffee in a microwave.



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