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Travel Tips: Packing Cubes

Travel Tips: Packing Cubes 2

Ever wonder how people who constantly travel keep things organized. How about how they fill ALL their things in those teeny tiny carryon bags?

Well the secret to their success are these lovely inventions called packing cubes. What exactly is a packing cube? Well, packing cubes are the ultimate travel organizers. They help you maximize the space in your bag so you can fit all your belongings in an organized and efficient way using minimal space.

Packing cubes range in price depending on sizes and brands and are sold just about anywhere. I personally love to bargain shop! So during my “window shopping” trip to Marshalls I decided to check some prices out for you. This is what I found:

But for those of you who REALLY want a bargain or like me are watching your pennies, reuse those lovely bags that came with your linens (ie. Pillow cases, bed sheets, curtains, etc). They work the same as the packing cubes. You’re saving the environment by upcycling and, best part of all, they are free.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

instagram 3

Whichever way you decide to get your packing cubes, the important thing is that you get some. I guarantee they will make your packing experience a lot easier and you will find your overall travel experience to be more carefree.




By Ninnette M. Aquino

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