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Travel Tips!

Travel Tips!

Ever thought of traveling but don’t think you can afford it? Does your bucket list get bigger every day? Well I’m here to tell you it can be done. My name is Ninnette Marie Aquino Ortiz Adorno Neris Flores , Nini for short, and I’m one of the 99% who knows all about the struggles of traveling on a budget.

We all dream of traveling the world, but not all of us are made of money.

Well travel with me on my journey to find tips and tricks of the traveling trade that will make traveling easier and, most importantly, affordable. Over the next few months we, yes, we will be exploring travel options, gadgets, travel websites, apps, and consulting travel agencies for tips and tricks that are proven to work.

Want to help? Email me your tips and tricks at   Or if you simply have a question or an idea, share them with me and I’ll share them with the class!

Did you know that just by encouraging travel, you encourage more flyers? The more times a plane travels to the same location, the cheaper those flights will become; thus making travel more affordable for you. A definite Win/Win situation!



By Ninnette M. Aquino

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