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Trendage: The New Fashion App For Online Shoppers

Trendage: The New Fashion App For Online Shoppers 3

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Today I had the opportunity to review a new fashion app/website that will make my shopping life easier, TRENDAGE.

Let’s face it, sometimes life gets in the way of “me” time. I know that I would love to shop online for clothes but am a little leery of what an item will actually look like on me. What about the doubt you experience in deciding if that cute top you saw on one website will really look nice with those pants you saw on another site?

trendage screen shot 2TRENDAGE helps put all of those fears to rest. This interactive app allows you to mix and match clothes to discover the best possible look. Not only are the items listed from top brands but each article of clothes states the website it was found on, the price, and gives you the option to purchase it then and there.

The whole concept is reminiscent of playing with old paper dolls; sorry am I showing my age. For those young ones think of it as playing with a Barbie. You can mix outfits to get the right look. Think of all the time you will save by not having to go to the mall for that oh so cute outfit, you just have to have.

Now as much as I love the concept and enjoyed the experience, TRENDAGE is not without its issues. For one, I would love if there were more body type options. How cool would it be if you could input your face and measurements? This would ensure the best possible review of a piece of clothing and cut back on returns. Also how about skin color options, I mean not everyone looks good in olive green.

The last item I would suggest is an archive feature. This feature would store every item you bought, allow you to import products from other sites thus allowing you a virtual closet at your fingertips. Imagine how much easier it would to pack for that last minute trip?

TRENDAGE is also missing a couple of simplifying features, namely a product sorting feature and an undo button. Overall the whole TRENDAGE experience was fun and innovative. I am glad to see that they are taking everyone’s suggestions into account and can’t wait to experience the updated product.

Go to and try TRENDAGE for yourself. Make sure to leave your comments. The more suggestions they receive the better the product will be for us.


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