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Two Rising Trends That Are Changing The Way Couples Are Getting Engaged

Two Rising Trends That Are Changing The Way Couples Are Getting Engaged 2

Attention brides of the future: You may want to start forgetting about that classic diamond engagement ring, because there are some next-level alternatives currently creeping their way into the mainstream market. With non-traditional stones like opal already gaining popularity and wild ideas like septum engagement rings popping up, almost anything goes in the engagement ring world now. Continuing in that vein, let us introduce you to two new trends on the rise: DNA and tattoo rings.

DNA rings are the brainchild of Robert Grass of Switzerland-based company Identity Inside. Grass has recently created a ring that contains your (or more likely your partner’s) fossilized DNA. It’s then placed in a small inclusion in the ring, which is closed and protected by a 0.02 carat diamond. So how exactly does some dude in Switzerland get your DNA? You send him a saliva swab. From there he uses a process to “fossilize” and transform it into a powdered substance, which is then placed inside the ring. If you’re super into this idea and would like to drop a hint to your boo, we recommend shooting over a link to their Identity Inside’s Kickstarter campaign currently underway.

While DNA rings are a bit tougher to comprehend, tattoo rings are pretty much exactly what you’d think they are. With the cost of an engagement ring averaging at about $4,000, tattoo rings are an affordable, trendy alternative. They are, however, tattoos — which means they’ll last forever. Under the trending Instagram hashtag #tattooring, we spotted everything from matching minimalist designs to partners’ initials written in script.


BY Cortney Clift

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