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Unwanted DLC! Hacker Using PC Version Of Grand Theft Auto V As a Virus

Unwanted DLC! Hacker Using PC Version Of Grand Theft Auto V As a Virus

Grand Theft Auto V fans have been waiting, demanding and pleading for a PC version of the game since its 2013 release. Now, some sneaky computer whiz is using this consumer demand to attack.

Recently, gamers reportedly starting getting e-mails asking them to be a beta tester for Grand Theft Auto PC, which Rockstar Games has yet to confirm is even under development. According to Ubergizmo, however, this is all a rouse and a dangerous one at that.

“[The e-mail] contains a .ZIP file which is actually packing a piece of malware that attempts to trick users into installing it,” the website reports. “In reality the file is a backdoor that will give hackers access to your computer if you install it.”

Although many gamers are desperate for a PC version of and would love to do what they can to see it on the market (like beta testing it and signing a petition), they would be wise to not download any version of it. Rockstar Games will undoubtedly publicize the PC version of the game when and/or if the game developer ever creates it.

Despite an official announcement from Rockstar Games, however, various retailers have listings for Grand Theft Auto V PC. The latest website to boast an unannounced version of Grand Theft Auto V is SimplyCDKeys. Recently, the website added a listing for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) Steam CD Key.

“Please Note: You will need 8GB of storage space on your hard drive in order to install and play Grand Theft Auto V,” the listing’s description reads.

The Steam CD key is available for pre-order for £44.99. The website also lists its own release date: Sept. 19, 2014.

On March 9, GameStop put up a listing for Grand Theft Auto V PC but quickly took it down, Motoring Crunch reports.

In addition,, a German website, is selling Steam keys for a PC version, and gamers have also found hope in Amazon, whose Germany store has a listing for Grand Theft Auto V PC and whose French site used to have the same. Amazon Germany lists Grand Theft Auto V PC at 60 euros and says it is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista but does not list minimum system requirements. Finally, Czech retailer SuperGamer has listings for the game for PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One. It claims the games will be available starting June 13. Fans say the rumor has at least some credibility as the date is a Friday, a popular day for developers to release games.




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