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VALLEY OF BONES – New Trailer & Poster!

valley of bones


In theaters September 1, 2017

valley of bones

The past and present collide with deadly consequences in Valley of Bones, a fiercely original crime thriller set in the harsh Badlands of North Dakota. When meth-addicted oil worker McCoy (Steven Molony) stumbles upon a perfectly preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil worth millions of dollars, he teams up with disgraced paleontologist Anna (Autumn Reeser) to unearth the prehistoric treasure. But the unexpected arrival of a vicious Mexican drug cartel turns partner against partner. Caught in the crosshairs of drug lord El Papá (Mark Margolis), Anna and her innocent 10-year-old son find themselves locked in a desperate fight for survival against an enemy even more dangerous and unforgiving than the landscape that surrounds them.

Rating: R
Directed by: Dan Glaser
Cast: Autumn Reeser, Rhys Coiro, Steven Molony, Mason Mahay, Alexandra Billings, Bill Smitrovich, Mark Margolis
Written by: Dan Glaser & Steven Molony
Produced by: Autumn ReeserDan Glaser, Jon Wanzek, Steven Molony
Cinematographer: Michael Alden Lloyd
Composers: Corey Wallace, Michael Kramer




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