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Vanessa Hudgens Lived in a Homeless Shelter?!

From Musical to Method.

Vanessa  Hudgens clearly took her role as a homeless pregnant teen in the  upcoming drama Gimme Shelter very seriously, as the starlet reveals  exactly what she did to get into character.

No, she didn’t get knocked up.

“I actually went and stayed in a shelter for two weeks before I  started  filming,” the 23-year-old actress tells Rachael Ray on her show, airing today. “I lived there with all the girls,  with all the kids,  so I think that it’s really interesting because you find so  much more  about yourself.”

But Hudgens didn’t stop there, pointing out that she also took it upon  herself to lop off most of her lovely locks to help create her character’s  look.

“I actually cut my own hair for this movie. I did that to myself, yes I did,”  Hudgens says, adding that she, along with her costar Rosario Dawson, “both look so  messed up in this movie.”

Of course, if you want to view Vanessa the way she normally appears, you can  check out her new flick, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, in theaters  today.




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