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Vanessa Hudgens: Nude-Photo Leakers Are “Selfish”

When it comes to talking about all those naked pics of herself, Vanessa Hudgens isn’t pulling any punches.

“It’s just silly because I’m a very present person, and that’s the thing that has been so in the past,” the Sucker Punch star told the Los Angeles Times regarding the various nude photos that have surfaced not once, not twice, but three times over the last few years.

“The fact that somebody keeps bringing up the past is just selfish,” she added. “I mean, it sucks. I already released a statement the first time it happened. It’s just unfortunate that it keeps reminding people about the past and not the present.”

That being said, Vanessa isn’t one to shy away from showing off her assets. She recently struck a few sexy poses for the lad mag Details, and in Sucker Punch V. can be seen sporting some pretty risqué attire as well.

“I was in the best shape of my life, so why not?” she said of her skimpy wardrobe. “The woman’s body is a beautiful thing. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t, like, be our best in our costumes.”

And despite the scandals that sometimes surround her, the 22-year-old says she’s doing her best to move forward.

“You really have to stay strong, because times get tough. Especially in this business. It’s a dog-eat-dog world,” ‘Nessa pointed out. “A lot of women get walked all over on by not standing up for themselves, and that’s just not what I’m about. I’m figuring myself out now as a young adult more than I ever have. It’s like my eyes are opening and I’m awakening to controlling my future.”

With a little help from the FBI, of course.

By: Peter Gicas



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