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Vehicle Owner Doesn’t Let Dwayne Johnson Pay After The Actor Sideswipes His Car

Vehicle Owner Doesn't Let Dwayne Johnson Pay After The Actor Sideswipes His Car

It’s not every day a car accident turns out to be a good thing, but then again it’s not every day that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson literally runs into you.

The actor known for driving fast cars on screen got himself into a little trouble on the road right in Massachusetts, sideswiping a car on Chestnut Street in Wakefield.

But instead of getting angry, the car’s owner Audie Bridges was excited and refused to let The Rock pay for anything.

“He got my name and my address and I thought maybe they were going to send me an autographed picture or maybe tickets to opening night when it opens in Boston and instead he does this great Instagram today,” Bridges explained.

The Rock posted a picture of him and Bridges on Instagram. He tells the story of what happened saying that he was blasting his music and having a one man party in his truck when he sideswiped the SUV.

The actor, producer and professional wrestler has a net worth of about $125 million, but Bridges said he didn’t want any of his money.

“Because it wasn’t anything that really needed fixing you know I just popped it back in and I’m not even mechanical and I could figure that out and I’m not out to take advantage of anyone,” Bridges said. “I liked him as a person and it was great just having those short moments with him, you know it was a special time.”

Johnson is in Massachusetts filming “Central Intelligence,” an action comedy also starring Kevin Hart.



By Elysia Rodriguez

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