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If you’re confused with using your Map, this App will tell your Feet Where To Go

If you're confused with using your Map, this App will tell your Feet Where To Go 3

There just might be too many “smart” products on the market today as it is getting to the point where folks don’t have to think. Technology today has folks just relying on something smart to point them in the right direction. The new vibrating smart shoe is the latest product to do the thinking for you, according to the Huffington Post on July 26.


The vibrating shoe almost sounds like something that’s concocted to bring you pleasure rather than keep you going in the right direction. The vibrating in this shoe isn’t to bring you to the state of euphoria, but to let you know which way to turn.

A company in India has created sneakers and insoles that work with an app and Google Maps to get you from point A to point B in just a few vibrating movements. The company called Lechal offers these new products that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Forbes Magazine calls the new smart shoes, “India’s take on Google Glass.” This company believes by putting the technology in shoes it has solved the problem of the user forgetting to bring the technology along with them, like one might do with Google Glass.

Just like when you get driving directions from Google Maps, this new app lets you put in your destination. Once walking out the door, your left foot or right foot will vibrate, which signals the way you need to turn.

The sneakers from this company come in red or black and they are fitted with this vibrating directional technology. If you don’t like the style of this new smart shoe, you can just by the insole and use it in your own favorite shoe.


The insoles are being advertised as “Bluetooth enabled insoles” and they also advertise that by using this new wearable technology you can “navigate, interact and stay fit.” The original thought behind these shoes were to help blind people walk with their canes.

Once the company developed the shoes for this reason, it soon became clear that this technology had other uses. Now the company is offering a subsidized pair of these shoes for the visually impaired for every pair of smart shoes sold.

While telling you where to go, the shoes also have a calorie tracker and a pedometer all rolled up into one pair of footwear. The shoes will be on the market in September and they will go for about $100 a pair. They are compatible with Windows phones, iPhones and Android.

The company is taking preorders already for the shoes and insoles. Will this be a big mover and shaker in the world of technology? Maybe if the company put a vibrating mode in the shoe to stimulate tired feet it would entice more sales.

Just to feel a vibration when you should turn doesn’t seem like a practical way to spend $100. You can just look at the map on your phone for free.

The sneakers aren’t offered in a variety of styles and they don’t have the look of something you would use when making a fashion statement. There is nothing said about comfort, which is the most important aspect of a walking shoe.

If the shoes are uncomfortable, most folks will ignore the vibrating directions and make a b-line for home to replace them with a pair of comfortable walking shoes. When it comes to comfort, the wearer won’t care if they are wearing shoes that have no idea where they are going.


by Roz Zurko

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