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Victor Cruz & The Giants Dance Their Way To A Super Bowl Victory

No one can deny that the Patriots and the Giants delivered one hell of a Super Bowl battle this past Sunday. In what proved to be an incredibly close game, the teams kept it tense until the last second, with New York edging out New England with a 21-17 win. And one of our faves, Victor Cruz, proved to be an essential part of the Giants’ victory.

Latinos expecting to see Victor’s trademark salsa dance were not disappointed. The Giants’ wide receiver scored the game’s first touchdown, slanting by James Ihedigbo into the end zone. He then got the crowd at Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium roaring when he broke out a few merengue moves.

But Latino fans rooting for New England got a major boost in the third quarter when tight end Aaron Hernandez scored a touchdown for the Patriots, putting them in the lead for a large portion of the game. Grabbing one of Tom Brady’s razor-sharp passes, Hernandez got many NFL fans thinking the Giants were on their way out.

Then in the fourth quarter, things got intense again. Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker missed a vital catch with 3:46 left to play in the game. That gave New York possession and the opportunity to score the pivotal touchdown which won them the championship. Sure hardcore sports fans will be debating the play for ages, but if you ask us, it’s all part of the game.

“It just feels great,” Giants quarterback (and Super Bowl MVP) Eli Manning said after the win. “It was a great game with two great teams. We played to the very end. It was just a great effort on both sides. There were some big plays being made.”

But for the hundred million viewers watching from around the world, Super Bowl XLVI was much more than a series of big plays. It was an experience. And one major component of it was the controversial Madonna halftime show. Many critics across the web lambasted the Material Girl for her “transparent” performance.

The L.A. Times criticized Madonna for putting too much emphasis on mediocre songs from her upcoming album and too little on her classic hits. But she did deliver a very precise show, choreographing every move to a science and throwing in familiar faces like Cee Lo Green and LMFAO to appeal to a wider audience.

Perhaps the most noteworthy moment was when M.I.A. stepped on the stage and flipped her middle finger to the NFL cam. Was it an artistic statement or a cheap vie for attention? We’ll let you be the judge of that. But regardless, it all made for a memorable Bowl that we doubt fans will soon forget.



By Michael Lopez



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