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Violent Video From Suge Knight’s Hit-and-Run Case Found

Violent Video From Suge Knight's Hit-and-Run Case Found

Graphic security video captured the moment Suge Knight mowed down two people with his truck, killing one of them, and the footage shows the rap mogul drastically changing direction before striking the man who was killed.

The video, published early Monday by, was filmed Jan 29. in the parking lot of a Tam’s Burgers in Compton, Calif. Suge is facing a murder charge in the death of Terry Carter and an attempted murder rap in connection with striking Cle “Bone” Sloan, who survived the incident. Prosecutors believe Knight intentionally tried to strike the men.

Knight has claimed he didn’t mean to run over either man, and instead was trying to flee the scene. He argued he was scared for his life because both men were armed.

But the footage shows him turning toward the men before striking them, instead of driving away from the perceived threat.

The footage begins with Knight turning his red Ford F-150 truck into the burger joint’s parking lot, but he didn’t pull all the way in, instead stopping at the threshold. The lot was one of the filming locations for the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” and Knight went there to try to settle a beef with Dr. Dre. Only minutes earlier he had gotten into a dustup at a different shoot assocaited with the movie.

While Knight’s truck was half-in the lot, it was approached by Sloan, who was working security at the location. After a few seconds, the video shows Knight suddenly reverse the truck and head into the street, knocking Sloan to the ground with the truck’s side-view mirror.

Then Carter stepped into the frame. He was near the curb, at the entrance to the lot, a few feet from Sloan, who was sprawled out on the pavement. Knight then turned back into the parking lot and appeared to accelerate as he plowed into both of them. Carter, who tried to run away, was thrown several feet forward, deeper into the lot, before he was run over by both of Knight’s truck’s axles. He died of his wounds. Knight’s truck then passes from view of the security camera, as he apparently fled the lot via a different access point.

As the video continues, a third man runs up to Sloan, who is still on the ground, and removes something from his waistband. TMZ reported that the third man may have removed a gun from Sloan’s pocket.

Knight pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder last month.







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