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Vladimir Guerrero Arrested In The Dominican Republic

Vladimir Guerrero Arrested In The Dominican Republic

Vladimir Guerrero

You don’t often hear of retirees getting into nightclub brawls, but in the case of Vladimir Guerrero that’s exactly what appears to have happened! The former MLB slugger reportedly punched a cop while partying in the Dominican Republic and wound up getting charged with assault.

The incident took place at a local D.R. nightclub and involved several of the patrons. Vladimir voluntarily turned himself in to police after learning of the charges, though he emphatically denied any wrongdoing.

“At no time did I attack anyone, nor was I fleeing,” Guerrero said in a statement. “I presented myself at the jail last night after the complaint from the disco, and this morning first thing I went to the police that are handling the case.”

Vladimir also made a point to “lawyer up,” hiring some shrewd attorneys to contest the charges. Interestingly, less than 24 hours after turning himself in, Guerrero’s team got the case dropped! So now it seems, he can continue to get his boogie on for the rest of his tropical vacay.



By Michael Lopez

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