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Voices For Puerto Rico Creates Awareness via PSA

VOICES FOR PUERTO RICO or Voces por Puerto Rico

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More artists and influencers continue to join VOICES FOR PUERTO RICO, a nationawide, grassroots, humanitarian intiative to support for Puerto Rico. Artists Jimmy Smits, Esai Morales, Adam Rodriguez and Marcel Ruiz join their voices alongside Roselyn Sanchez, Luis Guzman, Justina Machado, Lisa Vidal, Ana Ortiz, and Judy Reyes as part of a new PSA campaign for Voices For Puerto Rico. The video campaign aims to create awareness about the economic and humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, in part as a result of hurricane Maria.

This is a very personal awareness effort for these artists as they all have families, friends, and relatives, who live in Puerto Rico.

VOICES FOR PUERTO RICO (Voces por Puerto Rico) is a nationwide grassroots humanitarian initiative by Puerto Rican artists and influencers residing in the US to support rural and/or disconnected local communities affected in Puerto Rico by natural disasters and economic challenges.

Their mission is to identify and support non-profit local organizations working directly with the community to provide basic resources, including proven alternative solutions to housing, accessing solar energy as well as offering art, cultural and sports initiatives in an effort to promote emotional, physical and mental health.

If you want to be part of Voices for Puerto Rico please donate or join your VOICE at:
voicesforpuertorico.com “

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