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Watch: Beyonce’s video for ‘Run the World (Girls)’

If girls ran the world, I’m not so sure they’d go around in corsets and garter belts 24/7, especially where there’s lots of sand to get into crevices.  However, in Beyonce’s video for “Run the World (Girls),” they do.

Add the clip to the long line of female videos that play out like a cross between “Mad Max”  and Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation”  And throw in  an awkward Converse product placement for good measure.

The song, as has already been established by its rapid descent down the Billboard Hot 100, is not a particularly strong or compelling track and Beyonce has made an equally not particularly or compelling video to match.

She and her girl army in Africa (we think) overwhelm the male militia on the simple strength of their dance moves and impossibly toned thighs. We’re sure wars have been fought over far less but we’re not buying  it partially because Beyonce has a tough time selling her rough and tough side. When she flips the bird, which is pixillated out, it seems so out of character and the final scene is laughably bad. Where on earth is she going to pin that badge without ruining her outfit?

The clip, which premiered on “American Idol” on Thursday night was delayed from its originally slated last Friday premiere.  We imagine the “AI” opportunity presented itself and it was too good to pass up.  Sadly, we can’t say the same about the video.

“Run The World (Girls)” is the first single from her forthcoming album, “4.”

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