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We Joined With Minute Maid In Letting In Letting Parents Know They are #DoinGood

We Joined With Minute Maid In Letting In Letting Parents Know They are #DoinGood 2

DISCLAIMER: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Minute Maid and DiMe Media, but all opinions are my own. 

#DoinGood Campaign (1b)Summer has come and gone. Thanksgiving will soon be upon us and the Holidays are right around the corner. At least that is how some view it. I like to think first you have the season to “be Thankful” and then you have the season to “Celebrate”. Oh, I understand that there are some who dread the holiday season, especially parents. I mean seriously, you have to decorate the house, plan the family dinner or maybe it’s planning the family trip, make sure you have something that entertains all the ages and still find time to work, cook and clean on a daily basis. They feel pressure to make the holidays in November and December absolutely perfect. What they don’t remember is that sometimes the most perfectly imperfect moments are the ones that mean the most. Help us join Minute Maid in letting someone know they are “Doing Good”. Minute Maid’s “Doin’ Good” campaign is about celebrating moms and dads who are, in reality, doing better than they think. It’s about embracing the notion of perfect imperfection: making the most of the time we spend with our kids, and making the best of some of the more challenging moments of being a mom or dad.

#DoinGood Campaign (2)In the spirit of this campaign, I would like to tell my Mother, Mrs. Teresita Ortiz, how thankful I am to have her in my life. When I was younger, I never understood what she wanted of me. Like a typical teenager, I thought her goal in life was to make my life miserable. Now as I am older, she has become, my mentor, my oracle, my therapist and, most important, my best friend. THANK YOU, MOM! Thank you for letting us go crazy decorating the tree, even though you knew we would not be around to help you take it down. Thank you for buying us a computer for Christmas that we had to share instead of more toys, because we would need the computer for school. Thank you for insisting we get research books instead of fairy tales, because we didn’t realize how much we didn’t know. Thank you for being both Mother and Father, when Pop was TDY overseas. Thank you for holding my hand when I gave birth to your grandson (even though you did tell me to keep it down). I hope you had someone tell you that you were “Doin Good”, because you were.

It is sad to think that some parents, like my mother, may have to wait several decades to hear they are doing good. Don’t let it wait. Join Minute Maid in letting someone, maybe a friend, sibling or other relative know that they’re doing a great job.

Who do you know that might be experiencing parental doubt, but in reality does an amazing job? Is that you? Someone you know? We want to hear from you! Tell us about a parent you know whose #doingood!



By Ninnette M. Aquino



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