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THE WEDDING RINGER – Bilingual green band trailer

THE WEDDING RINGER - Bilingual green band trailer 1

Wedding Ringer  (2)

Check out below for the bilingual trailer and Spanish poster for the January 16th release of THE WEDDING RINGER. THE WEDDING RINGER is a hilarious comedy about a shy young groom who needs to impress his in-laws, so he turns to a best-man-for-hire to help him out.

THE WEDDING RINGER stars Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, and also features Hispanic actors Jorge Garcia and Ignacio Serricchio!

Restricted Holiday Trailer:

Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is a loveable but socially awkward groom-to-be with a problem: he has no best man.  With less than two weeks to go until he marries the girl of his dreams (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), Doug is referred to Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), owner and CEO of Best Man, Inc., a company that provides flattering best men for socially challenged guys in need.  What ensues is a hilarious wedding charade as they try to pull off the big con, and an unexpected budding bromance between Doug and his fake best man Jimmy.

Doug Harris (Josh Gad) es un adorable pero socialmente torpe novio a punto de casarse que tiene un problema: no tiene padrino para su boda.  Con menos de dos semanas para que se case con la chica de sus sueños (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), Doug llega por recomendaciones a Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), el dueño y presidente de Best Man, Inc., una compañía que proporciona padrinos aduladores para los ineptos sociales que los necesitan. Lo que sigue es una divertida farsa a lo largo de la boda en la que intentan hacer pasar una cosa por otra, y en la que Doug y su falso padrino Jimmy se vuelven grandes compinches.





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