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Weekend Wrap-Up: M.I.A. Flips the Bird During Madonna’s Show, Katy Perry Talks Tim Tebow

Ah, the Super Bowl.

Before celebs cheered the New York Giants on to victory Sunday evening, it  was time to party at some big bashes in Indy. But, just in case you missed that, or Katy  Perry‘s Tim Tebow shout-outs while you were  whipping up game-day grub, no need to worry.

We’ve got all the deets on that and much more, right here.

• Tebow Time!: Katy Perry had a little fun with recent Tim Tebow rumors, giving a shout-out to the Denver Broncos baller at an NFL Honors  ceremony Saturday, and then dedicating her song “Peacock” to him Saturday  night.

• Middle-Finger Malfunction: Though Madonna, with help from Cee Lo Green and Nicki Minaj, was the Super Bowl’s halftime show headliner, M.I.A. stole the  spotlight when she gave the middle finger to the crowd.

Bowled Over: While we loved the Smash preview, the star-studded NBC promo  and Clint  Eastwood‘s “It’s Halftime!” spot during the big game, but we were less than impressed by a couple of things at Super Bowl.

• Chronicling the Box Office: Sci-fi action flick Chronicle rocked this weekend’s box office, taking home $22 million, followed by the creepy Woman in Black with $21 million and The Grey at $9.5  million.

• Rehabbing: Demi Moore checked into the Cirque Lodge addiction treatment center in  Sundance, Utah shortly  after her Jan. 23 hospitalization, E! News learned  exclusively.

• Man of the Year: Jason Segel received Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Man of the Year Award Friday night for  his accomplishments in the entertainment industry (he sported a pink bra stuffed  with Muppets over his blue velvet suit for the occasion).

• Red Card! Soccer star David Beckham saying he got a little too into son Romeo’s soccer  game and was kicked off the field after he got into a shouting match with  a referee.

• Saturday Night Laugher: Channing  Tatum hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, ripping off his  shirt and giving a spot-on impression of Matthew  McConaughey while he was at it.

• Sealing the Deal: L.A. Reid survived  the X Factor shake-up, signing on to judge season two of the singing competition  show, just days after Paula Abdul, Nicole  Scherzinger and Steve Jones departed.

• Sneak Peek: Before part two of the Real  Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs Monday night, we gave you a sneak peek at what’s to come on the drama-filled reality  show.

• It’s a Wrap!: Amanda Seyfried‘s Lovelace porn-star flick wrapped Friday morning  and the cast and crew, including Chris  Noth and Debi Mazar partied to celebrate.




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