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Weight Watchers Will Contract Jessica Simpson For $3 Million Dollars

Mom jeans-wearing Jessica Simpson will be paid 3 million dollars to lose weight. Jessica is still pregnant with Eric Johnson‘s baby, but plans to return to her sexy figure after the pregnancy, ASAP.

Simpson will join the ranks of female celebrities, among Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey, who have been paid to be spokeswomen for dieting enterprises. She was approached by several diet companies, but finally decided on signing with Weight Watchers in order to lose her baby weight.

In the meantime, Jessica is enjoying her pregnancy as much as she can. She has not only developed cravings for peanut butter and jelly on toast, but for taking on interesting eating methods as well. She enjoys shaking salt on her hand before biting into sandwiches, like she is about to chug them back like a shot of tequila.

Although being pregnant has made her emotional and has given her quite the odd food cravings, Simpson is proud of her upcoming motherhood. After she gives birth, she will promptly begin her dieting regime in order to get in shape for her upcoming wedding to the football star, and making a pretty penny in the process.


By Ikam Acosta



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