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What Matters Most – TV with a Positive Mission

What Matters Most - TV with a Positive Mission

Everyone has a passion. I do, you do, we ALL do but sometimes life gets in in the way and we forget. I want to help you remember, remember who you are and why you are here! I want you to remember your purpose for joining in this silly escapade called life. Gosh darn it, I want to inspire you – to live a life of passion, fulfilment and desire and most importantly HAPPINESS! I want you to look in the mirror every morning and be filled with the joy of life knowing that YOU make a difference. That YOU matter! 

I would love for you to discover What Matters Most to YOU! Really experience it! My team & I have worked so hard to share with you the best while entertaining you! Every week we take a ‘magic carpet ride’ to learn from masters, experts, & teachers about what they are doing to live an inspired life. Our topics are diverse, but always centered around love for you, me, mankind, and well…our planet! And my team and I want to share all of this with YOU!

What’s The Show About?

What Matters Most invites YOU to take a journey with us, as we discuss a plethora of heart & soul topics at visually enticing locations both near and far. It’s a fusion of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday & Anthony Bourdain’s: No Reservations, that incorporates a delicate balance of hosts’ ,Kelly and Michael’s conversational, kitchen table interviewing style.

The focus is to share a visually exciting experience with our viewers that includes eye-opening, enriching topics for not only the passionate seeker, but also the skeptic interested in exploring their spiritual side.

Our interviews showcase both of our hosts’ personalities to attribute, support, play off each other and shine through. They experience the same journey, from varying perspectives which engages not only the spiritually aware viewers but also truth-seeking naysayers who are open to the pursuit of possibilities. As ZayZay would say, ‘Bring it on!”

While traveling the countryside, Kristen & ZayZay gain a deeper perspective on What Matters Most in life. Along their journey, they interview masters, teachers, and experts on the topics of Spiritual Growth, Sustainability, Humanitarianism, Health & Wellness, Soul Healing, and the Arts & Creativity. We talk to so many inspiring people that have improved not only their lives but the lives of other people. Wow! Get up and do a happy dance!

The conversations focus on the guest’s passion, their pilgrimage, revelations, heartbreaks, joyous tribulations and most importantly, their quest to leave behind a positive impact on the world. And there are tons of interactive experiences where you’ll get to watch Zay & Kristen being introduced to new & interesting experiences! You will be amazed watching inspiring lives that are creating hope and promise for a better tomorrow on the planet. Who could ask for more?!

David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe: Superfoods – Longevity Universe Expert

Barbara Shevkun:Raw Vegan Living Expert

How It All Started
If you can believe it, back in a spare bedroom closet! Oh yeah! This is where the journey began back in 2010 to create a soulful, but educative show. Initially we conducted phone interviews with local guests which over time migrated into Skype interviews. By the end of our first year, our motley hosts realized that they had tapped into something much bigger and felt that it was time to come out of the closet, literally, and face the world. And so we did.

Seasoned hosts, cameramen, editors, and production assistants were added to the team and the creation of filmed episodes began on site at local establishments. Within 4 short months of filming, Princeton TV welcomed us to their viewing community as our flagship syndication. Soon 50 additional stations throughout the country followed suit and thus, unearthing the What Matters Most journey. 

Skype Calls

And Here’s Where You Come In – Your contribution would go a long way to help us continue to produce episodes that seek to answer our philosophical question – What Matters Most to you? What makes your heart sing? What would make you jump out of bed every morning and feel ALIVE? What do you want to be remembered for as your contribution to the planet?

The money will go a long way in doing the following exciting things:

● Purchase equipment – we currently borrow from a local TV station that we are affiliated with. So we constantly content with availability issues. Having our own equipment will give us greater control in scheduling and increased production value.
● Cover our travel expenses – we are a field production show and because of funding limitations we have been restricted to interviewing local guests. We would like to be able to talk to people throughout the country that have inspiring stories to tell.
● Pay all the wonderful people that put their heart & soul into this production. which will improve the quality of the show and allow for more programming.
● Administration fees to cover insurance and legalities. As we have grown, the potential for liabilities issues have also increased. 
● Create a massive brand awareness campaign throughout YouTube & our social media sites. 

Most importantly, we want to be able to continue to maintained our goal of providing enriching, positive media that inspires change. We can’t do it without YOU!

Below is an example of our expenditures:



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