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When comedy legends stop telling jokes, who will fill the void? New sketch comedy web series, The Coddett Project, proposes an answer

When comedy legends stop telling jokes, who will fill the void? New sketch comedy web series, The Coddett Project, proposes an answer 2

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— Early Tuesday morning in Brooklyn, New York, traces of both The Dave Chappelle Show and The Tracey Ullman Show were found in The Coddett Project ,a new comedy web series that offers social commentary in the form of sketches, pranks, cartoons, and pop music parodies–well-suited to the rapid, meme-driven tastes of the millennial set.

Kerry Coddett, the creator of the show, has brazenly set out to fill the void left by the disappearance of Chappelle’s raw and hilariously uncomfortable sketches, and Ullman’s colorful characters and musical comedy. She has remixed her Caribbean roots and Brooklyn-bred sensibilities, to create The Coddett Project—her eponymous brand of outrageous sketch comedy.

“People don’t laugh at themselves anymore. Even comedy has gotten serious,” says Kerry. “For me, The Coddett Project is about being who you are—letting your freak flag fly and not giving a f*** who sees it.”

In one of the first episodes, “Make It Ash,” released by The Coddett Project on Tuesday, April 23 on and YouTube, Kerry plays Moronika, the pop megastar who dons a stripper nun costume and lights money on fire, rapping “Tell the FDIC that IDC/ IDK about an IRA…IRS, I could care less.”  The controversial imagery coupled with the racy lyrics and outrageous choreography pokes fun at celebrity culture and entertainment in a way that is reminiscent of Dave Chappelle’s infamous Rick James sketch.

In another segment, Give Em Hell, Adele , Kerry makes phone calls as a cartoon character named Adele Weinstein, a Long Island loudmouth who smokes cigarettes, curses like a sailor, and isn’t afraid to take on the bad guys. The animated prank calls are unscripted, and based on real situations from viewer submissionsa generation Y mashup of Tracey Ullman’s Simpsons and Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers.

Following the two-episode premiere on April 23, The Coddett Project promises to entertain fans every week with hilarious sketches, outrageous behavior, and catchy original music. If the question is, “what happened to Dave Chappelle and Tracey Ullman?” The Coddett Project  is the answer. Fans can jump into brand new episodes every Tuesday by visiting the show’s official website, .

About The Coddett Project Created by comedian, writer and self-proclaimed smart ass, Kerry Coddett, The Coddett Project is a sketch comedy web series that pulls the chair out from under the world.

Through a range of sketches, prank shows, and musical parodies, The Coddett Project will shamelessly provoke your mind until you cry “Uncle” and accept the truth.

We’re all full of it. And it’s high time we stop pretending.

Who’s Behind the Show

Kerry Coddett

Comedian, Actress, Choreographer, Writer…

An irrepressible “Jill of All Trades,” Kerry Coddett is an entertainer in every sense of the word. A habitual overachiever who discovered her penchant for the performing arts at a young age, Kerry is a multi-hyphenate who channeled her childhood curiosities into several, creative art forms. Born in Brooklyn, New York to Trinidadian and Guyanese parents, Kerry captivated family members with her ability to mimic people’s dialects and mannerisms. In elementary school, she began to write songs, short stories and poems and, at 9 years old, had her first published work. A natural-born dancer, Kerry secured an ongoing gig performing at New Jersey Nets games, making her one of the youngest professional dancers to do so. By the time she was in high school, she began to aggressively pursue a career in the entertainment industry, performing everywhere from MTV to Madison Square Garden.
At 19 years old, she graduated cum laude from CUNY Baruch College with a B.A. in English and Psychology. Thereafter, she started her own clothing company and within a year, she was creating customized clothing for Jay-Z. A fashion designer and wardrobe stylist by day, Kerry was still a performer by night, working as a choreographer and back up dancer for Caribbean superstars, C’ecile, Machel Montano, and Mr. Vegas. In her merciless pursuit to become a well-rounded artist, Kerry trained at Broadway Dance Center, Esper Studio, the Stella Adler Conservatory, and HB Studio. She also studied at the People’s Improv Theater and the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, where she was able to hone her comedic talents.
The Coddett Project is Kerry’s eponymous brand of colorful and outrageous sketch comedy—a hybrid of her multiple artistic interests, remixed with her Caribbean roots and Brooklyn-bred sensibilities.

Krystal Coddett

Executive Producer, Marketing and Distribution…

Krystal Coddett is the advertising executive behind the marketing and distribution of The Coddett Project. With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Virginia, Krystal’s marketing expertise reflects a blend of her business background with her love of all things creative. Over the past ten years, Krystal has developed marketing strategies and executed advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, HSBC, Verizon and Pfizer.

Born in Brooklyn, New York to Trinidadian and Guyanese parents, Krystal is known for her fearless and, sometimes, untraditional problem-solving approach, Krystal has also built a reputation for “making things happen.” In 2007, she took the fashion designs of her sister Kerry Coddett, an unknown fashion designer, from selling clothes as a street vendor in New York City to being placed in several high-end boutiques within a few months. Within the same period, they also landed a contract customizing clothing for Jay-Z. In 2011, she and Kerry co-wrote a video that currently has 6+ million YouTube views. Now, Krystal is once again leveraging her business acumen and marketing savvy to partner with Kerry to bring the world, The Coddett Project, the duo’s irreverent sketch comedy web series.




SOURCE  The Coddett Project



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