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Which Celeb Wants Sandra Bullock’s Son to Marry Her Daughter?

Are there wedding bells in Sandra  Bullock‘s future?

No, the Oscar-winning actress isn’t engaged, but…

Bullock’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close costar Viola  Davis says she’s already planning for her 17-month-old daughter, Genesis, to marry Bullock’s adorable 2-year-old son, Louis!

“That’s the one,” Davis told us last night at Audi and Martin Katz’s 2012  Pre-Golden Globes party at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood. “I’m already predicting  that that’s the one for her, absolutely.”

“I love Louis,” Davis gushed, adding that Louis and Genesis have yet  to  meet. “He’s so cute. He’s smart, he’s fun, he looks independent. It’s  good  pedigree.”

And it already sounds like Davis and hubby Julius Tennon have a little flirt on their hands. “She loves other kids, so she starts  kissing all the other kids at the park,” Davis said. “She kissed one  boy’s  feet.”

So could any more kids be in The Help star’s future?

“I’m too old to have any more!” Davis laughed.

“I’m going, ‘Honey, you’re pushing it,'” added Tennon. “This is my second  family, so let’s stop it.”






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