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Why Her Marriage didn’t Make It? According To Khloe Kardashian She “Failed as a Wife”

Why Her Marriage didn't Make It? According To Khloe Kardashian She "Failed as a Wife"

khloe-kardashian-lamar-odom-fragranceKhloe Kardashian’s relationship drama with Lamar Odom has been scrutinized by magazines, tv shows, and her millions of social media followers, but it seems that, at the end of the day, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is still her own harshest critic.

According to a source for HollywoodLife, despite all of the help Khloe and her family tried to give Lamar before she filed for divorce, the reality star still feels like she failed her husband when he needed her most.

“Can you believe she thinks she failed as a wife? She was crazy in love with Lamar and thinks she failed him because she couldn’t make him get off drugs,” says a Kardashian insider.

The source adds, “She thinks she was too hard on him and pushed him away when all she was trying to do was bring him closer when he was at his worst … She really didn’t want to leave Lamar but she had to. She had to for her soul.”

Despite Khloe’s harsh assessment of herself, it seems as though keeping her bottom line while Lamar was allegedly using drugs may have been a good thing; the NBA star has reportedly reconnected with old friends and seems to be on the path to a sober life.








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