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Will and Kate Depart on (Not-So) Secret Royal Honeymoon

And they’re off! And much sooner than anyone thought.

Though really, is it any wonder the same duo who managed to keep Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress under tighter wraps than some state secrets managed to pull off their secret honeymoon without sounding any alarms?

We thought not. Though Kate and Prince William told the media in the immediate aftermath of their wedding (just a week and a half ago now!) that they would be delaying their honeymoon until the intense interest in them waned (way to distractPippaJames and Prince Harry!), they didn’t have to wait long, and officials announced this morning that the duo had left England’s shores.

But where to?

“The couple have asked that their privacy be respected during their honeymoon,” a spokesman for Clarence House told the BBC, following it up with a heck of a non-confirmation confirmation.

“We are not confirming, and we are not commenting, on speculation on where they may be going on their private honeymoon, we are just confirming that they have gone.”

But where have they gone?

Well, no one knows. But what the Daily Mail lacks in information, it’s more than making up for in confidence of presentation, boldly trumpeting that the royal newlyweds have set off for the Seychelles.

According to the paper, which seems to be at the British tabloid forefront of all things royal, the duo is staying in a private villa that costs roughly $6,540 per night, which they will reach via a private helicopter and is otherwise not reachable (hope those tickets you just bought are refundable, paparazzi!). The location is said to be a favorite of the couple, who vacationed on the Seychelles island of Desroches four years ago.

Wherever they flew, they did so via a private jet, and Wills has two weeks off from his RAF duties in North Wales—presumably, all of it will be spent on his honeymoon.

The only unanimously accepted fact is that the duke and duchess are in a warm weather locale—Kate’s rampant and well-documented sundress and bikini purchasing prior to her big day seem to back that theory.

As does the fact that, well, who doesn’t want to escape on a sun-drenched holiday during an otherwise dreary English spring?

The duo is certainly logging some frequent flier miles this year. They will be traveling to Canada from June 30-July 8, and from then until July 10 they will be making a much-anticipated visit to California.

Come this September, Prince William will be deployed to the Falklands for a 10-week posting, though it was revealed this week that Kate (and indeed any officer’s wife) will not be able to join her husband due to the length of the deployment.

In any case, enjoy your privacy while it lasts, Will and Kate!


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