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Will Smith May Return As Deadshot In Next Batman Movie

At the risk of infuriating any Timex Social Club members in the crowd, we have some juicy RUMOR activity attached to a big deal comics franchise. Prep your possible spoiler goggles accordingly.

Latino Review‘s sources say Will Smith’s Suicide Squad alter-ego Deadshot is a serious contender for a spot in the prospective Ben Affleck solo Batman movie. Smith’s reportedly signed on for a multi-picture pact, so that could sync up with more DC Comics appearances to come in the current Willennium. It’s stressed by the outlet that these rumblings aren’t set in stone, but there are ideas in place.

Nothing’s locked down completely, but most of the involved parties seem enthusiastic. Getting Deadshot and Batman to join forces in a movie isn’t nearly as hard as landing two A-list actors like Smith and Affleck in one movie (that Affleck will likely direct), and could be another Batman V Superman sized event instead of just another entry into the canon of Batman films.

Feel free to use this rumored casting chatter to pull excitement, rage or gentle skepticism out of your geeky soul.

Speaking of Will Smith as Deadshot. Suicide Squad is earmarked for an August 6, 2016 release and also boasts the acting talents of Margot Robbie, Viola Davis and Dexter from Camp Wilder.


By Dan Macrae



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