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William Levy Turns Down “Magic Mike” Stripping Role

It seems William Levy will not be baring it after all. The Cuban actor has turned down the role of male stripper he was offered in Magic Mike, a movie based on Channing Tatum‘s experience as a stripper before he got into acting.

Sorry ladies, I guess you’ll have to wait a bit more before seeing this sexy soap opera star in a thong. Levy decided to not participate in this project and opted instead to hold out for other roles. His manager, Gladys González, confirmed he was made an offer but declined. He would rather pursue other avenues in the acting world.

The Steven Soderberg film is filled with Hollywood hotties, including the ever-shirtless Matthew McConaughey and White Collar‘s Matt Bomer. Qué guapos!Channing Tatum is also in the film and will play Magic Mike, the starring role.Alex Pettyfer is also in the movie and will play Channing Tatum‘s 19 year old self.

Magic Mike is still filled with gorgeous hunks, so don’t let Levy‘s absence discourage you. Get your dollar bills ready!



By Ikam Acosta


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